Price for every Cutteristic design are based on the frame size, and price below are include:

  • Design (3 alternatives)
  • Wood frame
  • Paper cutting
  • Wishes card with Certificate of Authenticity (for exclusive design only)
  • Box packaging (foam sheet, corrugated box) and bag for up to size 58×48 cm
  • FREE delivery to Singapore address and additional delivery fee for Malaysia


When to Order?

Ideal time to order is 3 weeks before due date. If you need it earlier than 3 weeks, just inform me. For order less than 7 working days, you can only order the minimum frame size of 38×38 cm or above. And additional fee applied based on the remaining working days. Consider the delivery time took one week from Jakarta to Singapore. 

Face Sketch Frame

Frame Size
Singapore Dollar
Malaysia Ringgit
Where to Display
Swarovski attached in every frame
30 x 30 cm
S$117** RM 327** Suitable for table display 30
**Additional fee of 20% for less than 14 days of production time
38 x 38 cm
SGD 207 RM 597 Suitable for table display and wall hanging 65
43 x 43 cm
SGD 257 RM 687 Suitable for table display and wall hanging 70
48 x 38 cm
SGD 287 RM 877 Suitable for table display and wall hanging 75
53 x 53 cm
SGD 347 RM 987 For wall hanging 80
58 x 48 cm
SGD 427 RM 1187 For wall hanging 85
68 x 58 cm
SGD 667 RM 1807 For wall hanging 90
SGD 837 RM 2307 For wall hanging 100
88 x 68 cm
SGD 987 RM 2777 For wall hanging 110
100 x 80 cm
SGD 1207 RM 3397 For wall hanging 130
120 x 100 cm
SGD 1657 RM 4027 For wall hanging 150

*Swarovski only for wedding gift or gift for woman. Same price for with or without swarovski attachment.

10% discount for production time more than 30 days (not applicable for 30×30 cm size)



Standard frame are available in Black, White, or Natural Wood basic square shape.

Check out frame and background combination Frame and Background

Natural wood

Natural white

Natural black

Exclusive Frame

Special size and special frame colors and shape are available upon request.

Additional 20% from basic frame price for these below frames.

Check out frame and background combination Frame and Background


Gold Corona

Black Corona



Now adorned with Swarovski crystals, will be attached to paper cutting and its all FREE. Swarovski crystal will not be added to Man face sketch design or corporate gift and will sure be attached to women/couple face sketch paper cutting.

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